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Warner University has a rich history of athletic programs over its 45+ years as an educational institution. Each individual sports program was built on a solid foundation of Christian principles and good sportsmanship. We owe our rich heritage to those coaches, teams, players and other individuals who have gone before us to establish the program we enjoy today.

On Saturday, November 7th, Warner alumni-athletes and coaches came together to celebrate and reminisce during a dinner ceremony, where the fourth class of athletes were inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame.

The Class of 2015 includes:

Katherine Mack

Mrs. Katherin Mack-Johnson (BA’05) – Women’s Basketball

Troy K

Mr. Troy Konemann (BA’90) – Baseball

Linda Rigel

Mrs. Linda Rigel – Coach & Non-Athlete Contributor


Mr. Paul Buehner – Coach, Athletic Director & Non-Athlete Contributor

Elite Eight Team

Team of Distinction – The 2001-02 Elite Eight Men’s Basketball Team

1975 Squad

And in honor of 40 years of women’s athletics at Warner University, we gave special recognition to the 1975 Women’s Cheer Squad.

Congratulations to each inductee!