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Greetings Potential Royals,

We hope that you are enjoying the cooler weather, the reminders of fall and the upcoming season of giving thanks. While many busy adults are attending online courses at Warner this fall, there is still time to join them.

Finishing an associates, bachelors, or master’s degree is an excellent goal. We applaud those who have started on this educational pathway. While you currently may not be in school, perhaps now would be a great time to begin or finish what you started. Please let us know how we can assist you. There is still time to get started this fall.

We are currently enrolling for classes that begin October 19, 2015, and can continue to enroll for courses through October 21.

Along with financial aid, we are offering a special $500 grant for those who enroll for courses that begin October 19. Please contact our Adult & Graduate Studies’ Admission Team at 863-638-7201,, or go to

Looking forward to communicating with you,

Warner Adult & Graduate Admissions’ Team