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Hospitality and Tourism

Through the Hospitality and Tourism program, students will have an opportunity to prepare for work in guest services, attraction & theme parks, tourism planning and management, event planning, and hotel operations.

The Hospitality and Tourism program is offered to any student interested in pursuing a career in a hospitality or tourism field. The program consists of courses as diverse as Business Management, Sport Programming and Management, and Communication. Students will also complete a semester internship experience in the hospitality industry. Graduates will be more than prepared to extend a warm welcome and quality service to the public.

The required Hospitality and Tourism courses are:

Prefix Course Hrs.
ACC 2051 Principles of Financial Accounting 3
BUS 2000 Introduction to Business 3
BUS 2030 Socially Responsible Business Management 3
BUS 3010 Marketing 3
BUS 3020 Operations Management 3
BUS 3061 Business Law 3
COM 3110 Nonverbal Communication 3
COM 3034 Public Relations or 3
COM 3063 Communication Elements and Theories 3
HOS 2010 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism 3
HOS 3000 Tourism 3
HOS 3010 Hotel and Resort Management 3
HOS 3020 Customer Service 3
HOS 4000 Convention and Meeting Management 3
HOS 4045 Special Topics 3
HOS 4085 Experiential Semester 12