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Hospitality and Tourism

Through the Hospitality and Tourism program, students will have an opportunity to prepare for work in guest services, attraction & theme parks, tourism planning and management, event planning, and hotel operations.

The Hospitality and Tourism program is offered to any student interested in pursuing a career in a hospitality or tourism field. The program consists of courses as diverse as Business Management, Sport Programming and Management, and Communication. Students will also complete a semester internship experience in the hospitality industry. Graduates will be more than prepared to extend a warm welcome and quality service to the public.

Major Mission and Outcomes

Hospitality & Tourism professionals can make a difference in the quality of life for most citizens by encouraging and facilitating the positive use of leisure time, whether that is while at home, traveling, engaging in recreation, recreational sport or entertainment. The faculty in the Hospitality and Tourism program will educate students in leisure and play theory, event planning, leadership, management and working with diverse groups while embracing sustainability of resources during leisure time pursuits. Students will complete an internship/field experience through various leisure service settings in the for-profit, government and nonprofit sectors.

The required Hospitality and Tourism courses are:

Prefix Course Hrs.
ACC 2051 Principles of Financial Accounting 3
BUS 2000 Introduction to Business 3
BUS 2030 Socially Responsible Business Management 3
BUS 3010 Marketing 3
BUS 3020 Operations Management 3
BUS 3061 Business Law 3
COM 3110 Nonverbal Communication 3
COM 3034 Public Relations or 3
COM 3063 Communication Elements and Theories 3
HOS 2010 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism 3
HOS 3000 Tourism 3
HOS 3010 Hotel and Resort Management 3
HOS 3020 Customer Service 3
HOS 4000 Convention and Meeting Management 3
HOS 4045 Special Topics 3
HOS 4085 Experiential Semester 12