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By Ag student Abby Crawford






One month into the new year and boy are things moving along on campus!  The start of a new semester brought with it the start of a long anticipated project . . . the Ed and Myrtle Lou Swindle Agriculture Complex!

As of January 31, the concrete had been poured and the steel had been hung in place.

“Now this is looking more like a building!”  animal production professor, John Crews, exclaims in an email he sent out to the Ag faculty attached with photos of the building.

The completion of our complex is going to allow for a more hands-on learning experience for all of our students.  Between the plant science lab and the cattle chutes, students will be able to literally get their hands dirty on all areas of study.

As an agriculture major myself, I am very excited to see what new doors this opens for our major.  We are already one of the largest and fastest growing majors on campus, so by adding our new state-of-the-art building, I believe this will allow for us to recruit and retain even more students.

Rendering of the Swindle Ag Complex (to be completed August 2018)

With changes coming every single day, we have made it easy for our awesome readers to check up on the complex and see how things are going.  Follow the link below to watch a live 24/7 stream of the work going on and stay up-to-date on progress: Construction Live Video.

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