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This is a very special spotlight for me personally, as this Warner alumnus happens to be my older brother. Patrick Frandji (BA’14) graduated Warner University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Although he used his financial degree for a brief period in a financial consulting company, Westshores Financial Group in Tampa, he has followed his love for tennis and answered a call from a friend to become a coach on the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tour.

“Through a mutual friend, Irina Falconi, a young American on the WTA tour contacted me with hopes that I could help her get back inside the top 100. I accepted her invitation and traveled with her as her head coach,” said Patrick.

While Patrick worked as her head coach, Falconi won one title, made two finals, four semifinals, and second round of the Australian Open and Indian Wells, which are two of tennis biggest tournaments in the world. Falconi also did get well inside the top 100 ranking, with reaching 83 in the world while with Patrick.

After traveling to 50 cities in over 20 countries and counting, Patrick has seen immeasurable breathtaking scenery and experienced numerous adventures.

“My favorite place I’ve been to would be Tasmania, Australia. The people are really friendly and I got a chance to see wild penguins feeding their chicks in their natural habitat on the shores of the beaches,” Patrick said.

After nearly two years on the WTA tour, Patrick has now transitioned to the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) tour.

“It’s been incredible. Everything is faster paced. I loved taking everything I learned with the women and now transferring it to the men,” said Patrick.

Before attending Warner, Patrick played on the professional tennis circuit himself, but his years were cut short due to injuries. He came to Warner in hopes of getting a great education in an even better environment. He played for the tennis team and graduated from Warner in three years.

“I genuinely loved my time at Warner and all the faculty and staff. It’s so hard to pick a single favorite professor at that school,” said Patrick. “Each class I took, the professors were so invested in providing the best possible learning experience for all the students. That’s what made it so special. However, my favorite classes, I would say, were taught by Dr. White, Dr. Sanders, and Mr. Seslar.”

As for his favorite Warner memory…

“One of them had to be the time I dressed up secretly as Superman on Halloween in Dr. Moyer’s Senior Seminar class. My friend in the class called my phone (which I put as the Superman theme song) and I took my jacket off and ran out of class with my Superman costume on to go save the world,” Patrick said.

Myself, as well as Warner University, wish you the best in all your endeavors Patrick; keep falling your dreams.