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Troy Alston attended Warner University from 2005 to 2009, where he received his undergraduate degree in Business Marketing with a minor in Psychology, and received his MBA from Warner as well, in 2011.  Troy is currently working as a Graphic Designer/Marketing Specialist for Benner China and Glassware.

When Troy is off the clock, he competes competitively in stair climbing races called Towerrunning. He ran his first two competitions in 2010 in the “Orlando Fight for Air” Climb and the “Ft. Lauderdale Fight for Air” Climb, where he not only won, but also set a new course record of two minutes and 51 seconds.

Having been hooked on this sport ever since, Troy is presently ranked first in his age group of 20-29, fourth in the U.S., and 30th in the world.

Alston broke the record at the Skylon Tower in Canada at the “Stair Climb for Cancer” on April 16, with an impressive time of three minutes and twenty-one seconds (three seconds faster than the previous record set 32 years ago). The Skylon Tower is a 660-step climb in a narrow stairwell, a challenging course with a new champ.

Because of this grand achievement, the Mayor of Niagara Falls is presenting Troy with the key to the city on April 22, 2017.

Towerrunning is an international sport where contestants race up the stairs of skyscrapers and tall structures around the world. Some of the more iconic races include the “Empire State Building Run Up” in New York and the “Willis Tower Climb” in Chicago.

There are hundreds of races every year in just about any part of the world. Most of the races in the U.S. are for charities such as the American Lung Association and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Troy competed in the 2012 Towerrunning World Cup Final in Bogota, Colombia, and was invited to compete in the Elite Heat of the 2016 “Empire State Building Run Up”, where he finished eighth in the invitational.

A person that Troy has admired during his time at Warner and acknowledges as a huge contributor to his success is Track & Field Coach Gonzalez.

“Coach was always a positive light in my eyes. Not one time did she doubt me, my talents or my abilities,” said Troy. “These are attributes that not only make you a World-Class Athlete but make you a World-Class Individual.”

Congratulations on all your achievements and we wish you the best of luck Troy as you receive a key to the city of Niagara Falls next year!


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