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He’s been working at Warner for over 25 years, and many of you have needed his assistance in your dorm room or in a classroom, or have seen him working all over campus… but how well do you know Bill Brown the Director of Facilities Management?


Bill Brown

Bill spends his weekends away from all of the cares of Warner University. He has a pretty interesting hobby called Truck and Tractor Pulling, which is a tractor-pulling race on a straight dirt track.

The tractors pull a sled and the race is done with one racer pulling at a time. and the racer in the tractor that can pull their sled the farthest, wins. It’s known as the world’s most powerful motor sport, due to the multi-engined modified tractor pullers.


The tractors are all home built. Two of them Bill and his friend built five to six years ago.

Bill got involved with this sport when he started going to Florida Flywheelers, which is an antique engine club and show in Fort Meade. He became fascinated with them, started helping out his friend build his, and then started racing them himself when his friend could no longer pull and asked him if he could do it instead.


Bill Brown in his Dust Devil

“It’s a great hobby for me to go have fun and compete,” said Bill.

Truck and Tractor Pulling became a family thing with his wife and daughter Kristin, who works with her dad at Warner where she is also a student, helping as videographers for the team.

“My daughter and I have ventured into this ourselves, and she does all the videos for me to analyze what I’m doing to get better and learn.”

Bill and his daughter came up with the name “Dust Devil” after looking at some pictures of previous pulls and commented on all of the dust that the mini rod kicked up. It was perfect since dust devil is a small tornado that kicks up sand and dirt, so it stuck.

Each tractor pulling competition is part of a full event including flea markets with as many as 2,500 vendors.

The next big event will be on January 18-19 and 20-21 at Florida Flywheeler’s Antique Engine Club in Fort Meade.