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The Body of Christ Work Day took place Saturday, October 31, 2015, from 8:30 a.m. till noon in Lake Wales and was part of a tribute to the 30 years of operation of the Lake Wales Care Center. A combination of approximately 130 Warner University faculty, staff and students participated in the event, accruing nearly 390 volunteer work hours.

Mr. Rob Quam, director of the Care Center, was very pleased to see Warner participate at such a level of service. In all, there were close to 250 people involved in the event. Mr. Quam and Dr. Jim Moyer toured each of the projects that were being worked on that day, including painting, roof repair, clean up and other general repairs. Dr. Moyer said, “I was so thankful to see so much work being accomplished in a short period of time. Rob and his staff were quite thankful as well, to see so much be accomplished.”


KODAK Digital Still Camera

                                     Getting prepared for the day outside of the Lake Wales Care Center