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Pastor Shaddy Soliman spoke at Warner’s chapel on Thursday 10/26, delivering a message about having a radical faith in Christ.

Soliman is a Warner alumni, attending the school with VP Dawn Meadows in 1994.

Lake Mary Church Leadership Team

Now he is a member of “Every Nation” ministries and the lead pastor at Lake Mary Church, which he planted in 2010.

“We’re running about 1,200 people with four services every Sunday,” Soliman said about his church.

Soliman came to Warner from Egypt in 1989 on a soccer scholarship without knowing any English at the time.

As the only Egyptian ever to attend Warner, he was able to work through the language barrier and ended up meeting his wife Amy at Warner.

“I was introduced to American culture in a safe way,” Soliman said.

Soliman visits Egypt every other year, where he describes Christians as “resilient” in the face of persecution.

“The Egyptian church is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world,” Soliman said.

Coming back to Warner, Soliman said that everything was different and that there was more diversity at the school than ever before.

Soliman loves to travel and make disciples, which he does plenty of through “Every Nation”.  The ministry currently reaches 80 countries and is involved with making disciples, church planting, campus ministries, and world missions.

“I make disciples for fun,” Soliman said.