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Clermont Police Chief, and 9/11 first responder Charles Broadway came to speak at Warner’s chapel on Thursday, October 12. He gave a message on integrity, saying God prized integrity, “more than sacrifice.”

Broadway is father to Warner student Charisa Broadway who is a Senior studying psychology and playing on Warner’s Women’s Basketball team. Charles Broadway said that he appreciated Warner’s diversity.

“Every time I come to Warner to speak, visit or attend my daughter’s basketball games, the staff and students are always accommodating and welcoming,” Broadway said. “I’ve also personally witnessed my daughter grow spiritually, academically and athletically and I know that is due to the great leadership at Warner.”

Broadway said that he accepted Christ as a young teenager. “Best decision I’ve ever made,” he said.

Broadway has been in Law enforcement for quite awhile, starting 21 years ago with the New York City Police Department.

“It’s a profession that I believe is a ‘calling’ where I can truly make a tangible difference,” Broadway said. “There is always a challenge to overcome to better serve my community.”

While working for the NYPD, the September 11 attacks happened, and Broadway was one of the first responders at The World Trade Center, and he said that he saw things that “no one should ever have to see.”

“I lost friends on 9/11 and I have also lost friends who later passed due to developing diseases attributed to working at the World Trade Center,” Broadway said. “But I also remember the unity, and the oneness of a diverse group of people working together as One nation under God. People left their differences aside and worked as a united front to bring closure and resolution to a horrific situation.”

Eventually moving to Florida, Broadway worked for four years as an undercover detective, and he is now Clermont’s Police Chief.

Broadway is passionate about family and church, and he is very competitive, playing in adult basketball and flag football leagues and being a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu working towards a black belt.

For the last 21 years Broadway’s goal has always been to make a difference in the community he is serving.

“Every day is an opportunity to be a better person than I was the day before,” Broadway said.

“Law enforcement is so influential. Everything police officers do can have a negative impact or a positive one.”