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Warner University is getting serious about filmmaking.  With the purchase of two new cameras, the Communication Arts program will be able to provide their students with the skill they need for future careers.

Nathan Hartman

Nathan Hartman, Assistant Professor of Communication at Warner, chose the new Panasonic G7s because their smaller size and versatility allow students the chance to learn through field work opportunities outside the classroom, as opposed to the larger broadcast studio cameras that reside in the program’s media studio.

This new purchase is all about developing the Com Arts program.

“We are continually evolving the program to match the needs of students in Com Arts,” Hartman said.

The G7 cameras feature interchangeable lenses and have the ability to shoot in high definition 4K. Also purchased were camera sliders, which sit on top of a tripod and allow for motion not yet seen in the program.

“The slider gives the feel of motion and allows for more professional shots,” Hartman said. “I think it’s really important that students all the options available to a professional filmmaker.”

Hartman is also using the new cameras for the production of a video commemorating Warner’s 50th anniversary.