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Warner University freshman golf player, Edvin Lindgren shot 76, 75, and 70 for a total score of 221 to claim the Warner Invitational title on Feb. 29- March 1.

“He was the very best golfer at that tournament,” said Warner University Men’s Golf Coach Dave Selent. “He performed well under pressure.”

Lindgren grew up in Avesta, Sweden, a small town one hour north of Stockholm, in a family of five. He was an energetic child growing up and was always playing outside with friends or his two older sisters.

Lindgren played many sports as a kid and considered playing hockey, until his dad introduced golf into his life at the age of six, and he never looked back.

An innocent love for golf became his driving force to achieve greater things.

“I always wanted to beat my dad, so I would work harder and harder,” he said.

The love for golf was not the only thing Lindgren got from his dad.

“He travels a lot for work and has been in business meetings all around the world. He made me think about traveling,” he said.

Lindgren began traveling for golf at the age of 15 and got the chance to go all over Europe and even South Africa.

“In the winters I would go to Spain and Portugal to play and practice there as much as I could since the weather in Sweden doesn’t allow that.”

With traveling came the idea to go to school in the United States and compete in a school team. But Warner is not the last stop for Lindgren’s golf career.

“To develop my game and play professional tournaments after college is my ultimate goal,” he said.

Men's Golf Team

Lindgren with Coach Selent and other team mates

“Edvin has that desire to be great, and he has the designs to be a professional golfer one day,” said Coach Selent.

Teammate Jae sung Hur also sees a bright future for his Swedish friend.

“Edvin’s victory at the Warner Invitational is just one of many still to come from him,” he said.