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November 10 Warner’s library hosted its very first Escape Room, opened to students and operated by student workers.

Eight students teams competed in the Escape Room, with team “Shawshank Redemption” getting the best time of 14 minutes and 59 seconds.

James Barker, a Senior communications major at Warner and student worker in the library, was in charge of creating the escape room.

“I’d estimate the development time being somewhere around 50 – 60 hours spread out over four months,” Barker said.

Student workers at the library put Barker’s plan into action. The event featured props, puzzles, and actors portraying a story that Barker came up with to set the context of the game. There were also snacks and water for teams waiting to play.

Teams took turns in one of two rooms and were timed on how quickly they could solve the puzzle within.

“We plan on making this a regular event,” Barker said, adding that the escape room will probably be held every year.

“We have lots of information from this run to build improvements off of.”