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This past weekend, 13 Warner men from the football team served as camp counselors for 65 4th and 5th grade boys from the Lake Wales area.


The camp kicked off at 5 p.m., Friday, April 21, at Circle F Dude Ranch east of Lake Wales. The counselors helped organize the campers into six “tribes” (Seminoles, Miccosukee, Cherokee, Caloosa, Apache, and Sioux). A local game warden came that evening with an alligator and other ‘critters’ and an airboat.


Saturday, the boys and counselors played capture the flag, rode horses, shot archery, canoed, played water sports and court games and went swimming. In the evening, after dinner, they all went out to the campsite and sat around a campfire, made smores, sang songs, and someone even shared a “scary camp” story. Sunday morning, after breakfast, there was a morning worship service followed by more outdoor activities until time to load the buses and return home.


The Warner men that served as counselors are Demario Scott, Jefferey Suarez, D.J. Davis, Andrew Harris, Steven Frost, Bryant Benton, Rehim Bocker, Derrius Austin, Joshua Beneby, Quantrell Allison, Matthew Williams, Jay Hopson, and Joseph Rotger.