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The legendary Iron Man, former L.A. Lakers forward A.C. Green, visited Warner University to speak at chapel on Thursday, Feb. 9.

During his 16-year NBA career, Green was most known for two things: having to this day the record for the longest consecutive games played in history, 1,192, and his unwavering faith and love for Christ as a born-again Christian at the age of 17.

“I was a typical religious kid growing up, with a Sunday church-going family, but it wasn’t until I was 17 that I really started to reflect more and more on the words from the pastor,” said Green.

“Then I heard a sermon from a pastor of a church I was visiting titled ‘Do You Want to Go to Heaven or to Hell,’ and the sermon really explained the relationship with Christ in a way I never heard before and made me realize that I didn’t have that personal relationship with Him, so it called me to a decision.”

Green was never embarrassed to show his faith during his career, rather it was his faith that gave him the remarkable career he had.

“My faith was a fuel to my engine in my career,” said Green. “I believe that whatever you put your hand to, do it with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, but always under God.”

At chapel, Green created an open atmosphere where he welcomed any questions the students had for him.

The first question at both chapel services made for an amusing scene, as the question “how was it playing against [Michael] Jordan” was asked right off the bat.

Kobe Bryant was the next question.

“Playing with Kobe is always better than playing against Kobe, just like playing with Shaq is always better than guarding him,” said Green.

The sermon then took a more meditative turn and the attention was all on God.

“God takes us on journeys; He is creating moments and opportunities. You’re here for a reason and a purpose,” said Green. “Each and every person sitting in a chair in here is on his or her journey. You are making your own moments, you’re creating your own path, and God has your name written down in His book.”

Green’s message was captivating and inspiring.

“He was relatable to everyone in the room, the students, the faculty, the staff,” said Warner’s Men’s Basketball Head Coach Sean Hanrahan.

Green showed the students a man who just loves Christ.

“Having such a decorated athlete come to our school and show us his heart for Christ was a new perspective on how fame doesn’t have to change a person’s heart,” said Warner student Allison Peralta. “In a career that worships the world, he’s shown endurance and humility through holding strong to his faith and keeping God at the forefront of all he did and does.”

Green with WU’s Men’s Basketball team

After chapel, Green said a few words to the men’s basketball team.

“It was such an honor to have A.C. Green take time out of his schedule to come to speak at chapel and then afterwards talk to our team and give us advice,” said Warner Men’s Basketball player Warren Hall. “That just shows what kind of a person he is.”

Men’s Basketball team huddle with Green

For a final message from A.C. Green…

“Turn your adversities into advancements, and move forward. Leave pain, hurt, and toxins behind. Real faith doesn’t have a ‘what if.’”


Watch his chapel service video HERE.