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The Warner University Football team got a special treat as former NFL coach, Jerry Glanville, stopped by the university to give a free lecture on February 18. The former head coach for the Atlanta Falcons and the Houston Oilers shared important football, as well as life lessons, through his experiences to help the Royals play and reach the next level.

“He is somebody whom I have admired my whole life. He’s just a great man of God, and to have him come today to speak to our players was an incredible experience,” said Warner University Athletic Director Kevin Jones.

Glanville spoke to the men about success and how to become successful through hard work, positivity, maintaining good health, and reaching out to people for help.

“No success comes without work,” and, “positivity equals success,” Glanville said to the group of young men.

Glanville also spoke to the players about what it means to be a leader, and how it takes six players to lead a team, not just one. In this, he shared with them his three rules to become a leader: truth and honesty, fighting through discouragement, and having enthusiasm. He had each position on the team stand up, and for a few minutes on each position, he expressed to the players what each of their jobs are out on field. He conveyed to them how each position is crucial to make the entire team successful.

Glanville finished his lecture by sharing with the men his list of 11 reminders he tells himself every day. These are:

  1. Always doing the right thing in your heart
  2. The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary
  3. Be the somebody that makes everybody feel like somebody
  4. Believe that you will win before the first punch
  5. To give anything less than your best effort is sacrificing the gift God gave you
  6. If you believe in yourself everybody else will
  7. Enthusiasm is the electricity of life
  8. Positivity is a choice
  9. You are responsible for every choice you make
  10. See a miracle everyday
  11. Dream the dream everyday

“It was humbling to hear him share with us the life lessons he himself does everyday; this coming from the guy who coached NFL greats Warren Moon and Brett Farve. It was an overall unforgettable learning experience,” said wide receiver junior, Roger Allen.