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Mike Picha is Warner’s new Chief Financial Officer, but he is not a new friend to Warner’s President David Hoag.

Dr. Hoag and Picha have known each other since 2009, when Hoag began working at Trinity International University.

When asked if he knew a little-known secret about Dr. Hoag, Picha responded, “There aren’t many secrets when life is lived through a selfie stick.”

Picha had worked at Trinity International since 1988.

“I served at Trinity for over 28 years,” Picha said. “I am incredibly thankful for my time there.  At the same time, I think that during my last year or two there I had been contemplating the next chapter in my career.  I obviously do not change jobs or move very often, but God was stirring in my heart and preparing me for another journey.”

Picha said that when Hoag asked him to take a job at Warner, Picha refused at first, but Hoag can be “quite persistent.”

“It was God who prepared my heart, and my family’s heart, to join the Warner family,” Picha said.

Picha said that his family made the move to Florida easy, because they were ready for a change as well. Picha has a wife, Kim, whom he has been married to for 29 years, and they have two children, the oldest of whom, David Picha, is now an Agriculture student at Warner.

Mike Picha said that he does not want to set an “agenda” at his new job at Warner that is contrary to what God’s plan is, but he does plan on doing the work God has given him to the best of his ability.

“I hope that I can lead in the area of financial stewardship, so that we would use every dollar in the best possible way,” Picha said. “I love being part of turning a good machine into a well-oiled machine.”

“When a school has good infrastructure – through good systems, procedures, communication – all the parts of the wheel can function better.”

Though most of Picha’s work is behind-the-scenes, he cares about students, and tries to “make connections” where he can.

Picha said that he loves cooking, reading, watching sports, and hanging out with friends, but more than anything he loves family vacations.

“When the kids were young, we started seeing the country by visiting all of the major league baseball parks,” Picha said. “We have seen 23 which leaves only seven to go.”

Picha is excited to begin his work at Warner.

“God seems to have his hand on this place in a special way.  It is hard to describe unless you are here and I am glad that I am.”