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The Introduction to Theatre class began two semesters ago due to the interest of many students to try acting. It was then added in the course catalog as a fine arts credit.

“This class gives students an opportunity for a creative outlet,” said Professor Alicia Bush. “For me it’s about creating an experience for them to do, create, and speak openly.”

Even before hearing from the students, Bush herself was very passionate about including this class at Warner. She has both her undergraduate’s and postgraduate’s degrees in theatre studies and has professional experience with acting in London and Los Angeles.

After Bush spoke with Vice President and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Steven Darr and Director of General Studies and Associate Professor of English Kelly Mills, the idea for the class was appreciated and approved.

“In the past I have catered the set up of this class to what students wanted to do. My first semester the students wanted to focus more on the history of theatre and we discussed a lot about Greek theatre, Roman theatre, Shakespeare, and others,” said Bush. “This semester the students seem very interested in acting, doing improv, and play writing.”

The more students are experiencing the world of theatre, the more they are enjoying it.

Alicia Bush with students in the class

“The class size is growing every semester, and it’s cool to see these students come out of their comfort zone, even the many athletes in the class, and actually want to try Shakespeare and get involved,” said Bush.

The class will have an opportunity to show off their skills by participating in the Drama Club’s “A Night of Short Scenes,” later in the semester.