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Warner University is offering the popular May term courses again in 2018.

The term is three weeks long, and classes meet from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The classes will meet accreditation requirements for a three credit hour class.

Academic Dean Dr. Steven Darr said that the idea for May term originally came from President Hoag last year. Since faculty are under contract through May, it was a natural inclusion to add an extra term.

May term classes will include general education requirements as well as some creative classes on interesting topics that professors are passionate about.

Darr said that anyone who needs more credits or needs to boost their GPA (especially athletes who need to stay eligible), the May term would be something they should consider.

The May term is something that Darr personally believes is good for students, since he values a student’s ability to take extra classes.

“I finished my bachelor’s in three years; not because I’m smart, but because I took summer classes,” Darr said.

The term is also an economically smart decision, since each three credit hour course costs only $400 and textbooks for each class for the most part cost under $50.

Anyone who needs to stay on campus during the term will be able to stay in the Raines and Fulton Halls for the rate of $100 per week, while women who have a lease at Holland Hall will be able to stay there under that same lease agreement.

Please see staff in Student Financial Services to determine options for payment and financial aid.

Some of the unique courses offered during the May term are “History of Baseball” with Dr. John Paul Hill, a course on invented languages with Dr. Christopher Maslanka, “Faith & Rock & Roll” with Tyler Benbow, “Drone Technology and Flight” with Nathan Hartman, and a course on writing and publishing fiction with Dr. Laurie Boulden, among many others.

More information as well as complete course offerings will be available before next semester.