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Ministry students in the Spiritual Formation course served at the Lake Wales Care Center on November 14 and 16, 2017, prior to the Thanksgiving Break. The Lake Wales Care Center is a ministry that is led by a graduate of Warner, Rev. Rob Quam. The Care Center is a clearing house of many services and ministries that care for the needs of the Lake Wales area and beyond. Their website is:

Students were involved in various projects at the Care Center Store, including sorting through a “mountain” of clothing, working and straightening in the actual store, and receiving donations. It was an opportunity to put their spirituality into action. Students were challenged to look beyond the simple and mundane tasks they performed and remember that their service was eventually touching the lives of many who receive the services and ministries of the Care Center.

(Jason Keeran, Samuel Zink, Deryl Jones, Derek Beaty, Jermaine Clark, Cal Sanelli, Cody Poston, Dr. Sanders, Keri Griggs, and Leon Anderson)

In the course text, M. Robert Mulholland has defined Spiritual Formation as: The Process of Being Conformed to the Image of Christ for the Sake of Others, (Back Cover). Considering the last part of his definition, “for the Sake of Others”, Dr. Mulholland says:

Our spiritual formation comes within a corporate and a social context. Our growth toward wholeness in Christ is for the sake of others within the body of Christ, that we might nurture one another into the wholeness of Christ. Our growth toward wholeness is also for the sake of others beyond the body of Christ, that the redeeming, healing, transforming love of God may be known in a broken and hurting world. (165-166)

The service at the Care Center Store allowed students to minister to those “beyond the body of Christ” and invest in the ministry of the Care Center. The emphasis of this part of the course was to challenge students to recognize that true spirituality is more than a personal experience, it is also a corporate and social experience where we are empowered to bring God’s healing grace to a world that is loved – John 3:16 is still true!

(Jason Keeran, Jermaine Clark, and Bradley Coogan)

The Ministry Department of Warner University is committed to the holistic spiritual growth and development of those called to and preparing for ministry. If you are sensing a call and would like to learn more about Warner’s Ministry Department, contact the Chair of the Department, Dr. Timothy Dwyer at


by Dr. Michael Sanders

Dean of Faculty

Professor of Christian Formation