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Carlene Harwood is the new Instructor of English at Warner University. She is teaching her first semester at Warner, after having taught at Florida Gulf Coast University for eight years.

“Everybody’s very supportive,” Harwood said about Warner staff. “The administration cares about the faculty.”

Harwood received her Masters in English from Florida Gulf Coast University and is currently working towards a Doctorate in education.


Teaching literature is what Harwood enjoys most about her job, and she loves to read fiction. Mystery and scary novels are her favorite.

Harwood also likes to see when a student finds out that they are a better writer than they think they are.

“I love when students realize they can do something they didn’t think they could do,” Harwood said.

Besides literature, Harwood enjoys baking and shopping.

“I have a mild shoe addiction,” Harwood said. Her office decorations are themed around shoes.


Harwood grew up in Fort Myers, Florida, and she is still close with her family there.

Besides family, Harwood cherishes her three cats, Kiki, Max, and Sammy.

To Warner students, Harwood’s advice is to “try your hardest and stay focused,” adding that a lot can distract students from academics and their relationship with God.

So far, Harwood has enjoyed being at Warner.

“It feels like a family, and that’s not normal for universities.”