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We are excited to announce three new majors for Fall 2017 at Warner University.  A Hospitality and Tourism major will be launched and is closely related to our Business major.   Plans are being made to also offer Criminal Justice and Marine Technology. These programs have been submitted for review to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools for approval. Once granted approval, students interested in Criminal Justice and Marine Technology can apply.

The Criminal Justice program initiative came from the Board of Trustees as a Police Science major, but has been modified to Criminal Justice as a broader option with three areas of direct interest: law enforcement, the legal system, and the detention system.

Our team’s research has shown that Criminal Justice is a common request for students coming out of high school.

Criminal Justice will have 10 core courses along with a full semester, 12-credit, internship built into it for seniors.

Hospitality and Tourism is closely related to our Business major, but with a significant difference being the important component to the field: customer service.

Hospitality and Tourism will also have the 12-credit internship for seniors, as well as six new courses.

The semester internship is exciting news for students who will be able to locate an appropriate internship and spend the semester acquiring real world experience on-site.

Marine Technology came to us as a request from Christian entrepreneurs who felt that this would be a great new venture for Warner. This program takes place in a true marina environment, where each student will be able to gain “hands on experience” by working on a constant supply of real (5 years or newer) boats and personal water craft that are in need of repair. The students are then able to water test them at our location on Crooked Lake.

Students in the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree program will be two-year students who will earn a degree with its completion. However, students can also choose to earn a certificate in Marine Technology in a shorter amount of time.

The course lists are all developed and ready to go for each program. These programs we built are based upon accredited programs that exist and have already been approved.

We will be hiring a Hospitality and Tourism professor, a Criminal Justice professor, and we are working on hiring the right people needed for Marine Technology.

At Warner, we are always seeking new ways to attract and benefit both male and female students who have all kinds of interests. We are excited to have generated these new programs to offer to existing and potential students.