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On Sunday, Sept. 13, seven Warner Ag students were allowed to play where the pros play. Professional football players, that is.

These students were given access to learn turf grass management from the pros at the Jacksonville Jaguar football stadium, EverBank Field. During this one-day trip, seniors in the Warner Ag program who showed an interest, headed up early to start the day by touring the stadium. They went on a “behind the scenes” tour of the entire stadium, including the man caves, swimming pools for the fans, suites, and more.

Then the real work started.

Along with the grounds crew, the students were responsible for setting up the sidelines before the game, which was the first game of the season. They continued to stay on the field and work through the entire game, raising and lowering the nets during the extra point and field goal kicks. Ag Instructor Justin Sharpless said this was the coolest part for the young men.

“Being able to stay on the field and stand behind the end zone for the game was the most fun,” said Sharpless. “The turf grass management part definitely has its ties to Ag. Like wise cattlemen have always said, ‘to be a good cow man, you’ve got to be a good grass man.'”

The students who attended were: Trey Norris, Dakota McCullers, George Kirkland, Joseph Mills, Cody Carrier, Tyler Durrance and David Dyer, along with their professor.

A new group of students have already been invited back for the Fall.