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Warner’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) just keeps providing students more ways to further grow and develop their faith, including bringing special guest speakers President Hoag and First Lady Joanna Hoag on Monday, March 6.

“It was such an honor to hear from President Hoag and Mrs. Hoag at FCA,” said student Kristi Isabelle. “Mrs. Hoag’s message of how she spends her alone time with God gave me insights on how I can apply her method to my own alone time with God.”


President Hoag spoke about the journey in developing one’s faith, the steps for growth, and even put it in the perspective of an athlete, creating the connection between the characteristics it takes to be an athlete with the ones it takes to grow one’s faith: practice, training, persistence, communication, and dedication.

But before the President and First Lady spoke to a group of 50, students ate, played the game “Minute to Win It,” and worshipped with some of the members from Red Letter.


“My favorite part about FCA is worship,” said student Jermaine Clark. “Worship allows us to represent ourselves.”

Some new activities that has happened this semester with FCA includes their visit to H.E.A.R.T.

“The H.E.A.R.T Trip was an event on February 21 where students went out to experience what it’s like for the persecuted church and spent the night praying for them,” said FCA Leader Charisa Broadway.

FCA’s focus is on discipleship and allowing students the opportunity to find new ways to grow their faith in an environment with peers who are striving to do the same.

“FCA has allowed me to grow as a leader and it has opened so many doors in my life,” said Clark. “Without FCA I wouldn’t be this person I am today who has a heart for the Lord.”

FCA continues to meet every Monday night with the large group on the first Mondays of the months and smaller groups the other three weeks.