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This summer the Red Letter worship band from Warner University successfully completed their summer tour. Beginning Sunday, May 10 and ending Sunday, June 28, 2015, Red Letter had twenty-eight individual worship venues in which they were involved.  The tour began with traveling within the state of Florida for approximately three weeks, where they led worship at a Christian coffee house on a Friday night where students ministered to a skateboard culture. Over the next few weeks they also led worship for several youth groups across central Florida. They were given the opportunity to share their message on worshiping “Almighty God.” Every Sunday they were leading worship at a different church.

Their last three weeks were devoted to leading worship and serving as counselors at Life for Youth Camp in Vero Beach, Florida, Camp Chula Vista in Alabama for one week and a week at Camp Lebanon in Lebanon, Ohio. Each camp gave them the opportunity to lead worship each night and serve as camp counselors. Red Letter made a powerful impression on the students and staff. Many of the Red Letter band members shared their personal testimonies throughout the three-week camp experience. The group also had engagements (Sunday worship services) throughout Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, and North Carolina. They received a great response from students that were interested in attending Warner University.

This summer experience gave the students the opportunity to share scripture passages that communicate the message of worship. The experience also taught the students about serving God, His church and His people. One of the camps brought a group of disabled adults onto the grounds, giving the members of Red Letter an opportunity to serve them. Lack of sleep, hot summer days, (cabin air condition) and constantly surrounded by teenagers became wearing on our band members. We were reminded of Christ’s compassion and His call for us to love others as our selves.

An important aspect of shaping future worship leaders is providing them with practical experiences; traveling this summer for the worship band was a very practical and maturing way for Red Letter members personally, musically and spiritually. Mr. Dana Hofstrom served as driver and sound technician, but his main role was one of teacher and mentor. The experience provided an opportunity to teach those involved as they traveled in a mobile seminary. Touring allowed students to come to know the ins and outs of real church life and provided them with a clearer picture of the functioning body of Christ.

Red Letter demonstrated a great spirit throughout the tour. They represented Warner University and Christ well. They came in contact with a variety of people from across the country. Each stop brought new opportunities for ministry and blessings from God’s hand. The students built new relationships across the country, sharing what God is doing on campus and in their individual lives. Touring was an educational, spiritual and practical vehicle that served to help shape a healthy and qualified worship leader that go out to make a difference in the world and the kingdom of God.

This link has video of the tour: (Redletter#1 – Redletter #6)

Red Letter - Aug 2015

                                                              Band members: Rebekah Little, Kari Mendehall, Zac Hilligoss, Zachary Justis,  Lucas Munoz, Charles Reid, and James Gugle.