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Warner University accepts 17 students from Clearwater Christian College (CCC)  after the college closes abruptly over the summer. The students are education majors finishing up their degrees at Warner University.

Dr. Phil Larsen, was hired by Warner to supervise the practicum and internships occurring in the Clearwater area during the upcoming school year in order to provide continuity for the graduating seniors.  Dr. Larsen, previous Professor of Education at Clearwater Christian, is known for caring about his students and welcomed the opportunity to work with Warner University to help his students make the transition.

Warner has a 100% placement with their Teacher Education graduates who are seeking employment, and has for the past ten years. Most all elementary, middle and high schools in the local area are heavily populated with teachers who graduated from Warner.

Warner will gladly speak to any student from Clearwater Christian College regarding completion of their degree, more than likely with scholarship dollars included. Contact Kevin Jones at 863-638-3818 for more information.