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On February 15, the Warner University’s Agricultural Policy class visited Tallahassee to meet with legislators and the Department of Agriculture staff.

It was a busy day for 14 upperclassmen as they toured the Capitol building, met with area representatives and discussed current Agriculture related issues. Professor Justin Sharpless scheduled this trip to encourage his students to reach new potential in understanding Florida’s legislative system.

Students had the privilege of speaking with Michael Joyner, the Chief of Staff for Florida Ag Commissioner Adam Putnam, Rep. Jake Raburn, Rep. Ben Albritton, Rep. Neil Combee and Speaker of the House, Steve Crisafulli. Each of these men gave advice to the students and explained current policies. Some of the questions that filled the halls were on water rights, South Florida crop damage, and of course, citrus greening.

The Tallahassee trip gave Warner University Ag students a new perspective on how to be an advocate for their industry.

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“One of the most honorable parts of this trip was hearing from the Speaker of the House of Representatives, a very knowledgeable individual that brought to attention many interesting points about Ag Policy,” said Warner University senior, Trey Norris.  “He also encouraged each of us to chase our dream and never give up.”