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Warner University alum, Kalyn Safreed, has used her education, her talents, and her God-given strength to bring to light the “End It” movement all around the world. On February 25, Kalyn came back to Warner to educate the students in two packed and attentive chapel services about human trafficking and what she has been doing to bring awareness to the cause and help save lives of the victims affected.

Kalyn is a coach at The Porch Light, which was founded by Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, as a faith-based safe home where victims of sex trafficking can find emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. The safe home houses five girls at a time, and the girls stay in the home for 9-12 months with their own bedroom and bathroom. The home is a nurturing environment where girls are provided with food, clothing, shelter, education, treatment and are staffed with a director, mental health counselor, and female caregivers.

Considered a house parent at The Porch Light, Kalyn takes care of cooking meals for the girls, taking them to appointments, driving them to court dates, and being a support for them. The girls in the programs all suffer PTSD and trauma. “These girls have gone through so much in life,” said Kalyn. “At only 14, 15 years of age, they have already experienced so much of the darkness that this world has to offer.”

Kalyn first learned about human trafficking through a conference, Passion, in Atlanta in 2011. At Passion, organizations were there to share the story of their cause. “I walked by a wall that had pictures of little girls with numbers on them behind glass windows, and I remember just running out of there and going to the booth for that organization and exclaiming ‘What is this?’” said Kayln. The organization was the A21 Campaign; it is the leading organization that is fighting to put an end to human trafficking and forced slave labor in all parts of the world.

Kalyn went back to Passion one year later, where this time, the entire conference was about bringing awareness to sex trafficking. “It was as if God was confirming to me what had been stirring in my heart from the year before,” said Kalyn. She got the message; the passion to start getting herself involved was ignited. She began with awareness campaigns and eventually went on a cultural study in Greece for two weeks as part of the A21 Campaign program there and raised awareness about the human trafficking in Greece.

During her time in Greece, one of the awareness efforts that Kalyn participated in included duct taping her mouth, symbolizing those trapped in slavery, while handing out business cards with a website link to a page with trafficking awareness.

Kalyn will travel back to Greece next month in April where she will be spending three months this time. She will be doing tasks similar to those she does with The Porch Light including going to the borders to help with the refugee crisis and looking for suspicious sex trafficking activities.

Kalyn Safreed Human trafficking

On Warner campus

“Warner was definitely my launching pad in my faith. It was a place I was able to grow and I thank God so much for Warner and the way he utilized the faculty, staff, and my peers,” said Kalyn. “I look back now and I see where I am today and the plan God had for me and it was all made possible through my time at Warner.”

Human trafficking is the “modern day slavery.” There are more slaves today than in history. There are 50,000 people trapped in slavery today in the United States alone. That number outrageously climbs to nearly 30 million people worldwide. It is a 32 billion dollar industry, second highest after drug trafficking. The life expectancy of the girls trapped in this life is 5-7 years, with girls as young as 11 years old being trafficked.

To learn more about human trafficking and what you can do to help, visit or

May God continue to bless and strengthen Kalyn as she continues to speak for and serve those who had that privilege taken away.