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Alumnus Bob Hawker (‘08) returned to Warner University last week to participate in Spiritual Life Week.

“Spiritual Life Week means an opportunity to grow in one’s already existing faith or build a faith that didn’t exist before,” said Warner student Alex Young. “To me, it’s one of the greatest opportunities Warner offers because it can potentially lead to eternal salvation.”

This week’s themed message from Pastor Bob was “OWN IT” meaning owning your own faith.

“I think it’s so important to believe what you believe because it’s something you have investigated, prayed and sought God about and what He has revealed to you in return, rather than believing because of what somebody has told you to believe,” said Pastor Bob.

There was a big picture about being a Christ follower Pastor Bob wanted to leave the students with: loving God, and through that, loving and serving other people.

“Until you’re serving, you’re not becoming like Jesus,” he said.

Thursday’s chapel, with Pastor Bob’s effortless command over the room and easy to understand proclamation of faith and eternal life, included one very interesting message that lingered in the room.

“If you’re a Christ follower and you’re bored, then you’re doing it wrong,” Pastor Bob preached. “That was never the faith Jesus intended us to have.”

Upon speaking at Tuesday and Thursday’s chapels, a Q&A session was also held in the Union’s Patio on Wednesday night, and it wasn’t just the coffee and cookies that brought students out that evening.



With many sagacious topics including God’s love, faith, the devil, and if women can be pastors, being tossed around for nearly two hours, many students left with a soul-filling experience.

“Students got the opportunity to get answers for any questions or doubts they might have from someone who was where a lot of students are now,” said Young. “To me it was a phenomenal experience.”

During his week here with the students, Pastor Bob got to experience the changes and become familiar with the new campus that he once studied at.

“Coming back to Warner to preach at Spiritual Life Week, it makes me really proud to be a Warner grad just to see how diverse the campus has become and how much it has grown,” said Pastor Bob. “It was exciting to preach to such a diverse group of students.”

Pastor Bob had always been around youth ministries growing up. He was a part of them as a student, then his dad took over his youth ministry group until Pastor Bob graduated high school, and then eventually he quit playing sports his junior year of high school to focus more on ministry.

Pastor Bob graduated Warner in 2008 with a Church Ministries degree and a minor in Christian Education.

Since graduating, Pastor Bob has been the Pastor of Student Ministries at Wildwood Church of God in Kentucky.

Thank you Pastor Bob for coming to speak and making Spiritual Life Week such a memorable one. We look forward to seeing you again in November!