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Warner University has a new fitness club that students and athletes can join and also compete in, and it goes by the name of CrossFit.

CrossFit has a university affiliate where they promote and sponsor colleges and universities. Warner University is one of the first in the country to have a CrossFit club.

Because of the popularity that CrossFit has gained, and with many Warner athletes involved in CrossFit as either a fitness regimen or as a competitive fitness sport, Athletic Director Kevin Jones and Admissions Counselor/CrossFit Head coach Jeff Meeks decided to make it a sports club at Warner where athletes have the opportunity to participate in competitions for the university.

“So far we have ten athletes taking part in the program who will be traveling and competing across the state,” said Meeks. “We’ve got CrossFit-specific equipment and at least two CrossFit Level One coaches to work with our athletes.”

Training sessions are performed in a group setting and the workout is laid out with everyone doing that same workout even if it’s at a different time or spot in the gym.

“It’s been a really great experience. My friends that I workout with are my best friends and it helps create a bond through working out together,” said Warner’s CrossFit Club member Daniel Jones. “We constantly push each other and it helps us to become better athletes.”

The best part is that interested students and athletes do not have to be seasoned CrossFit competitors; if anyone just wants to get in shape and get a good CrossFit workout they are welcome in the program.

“Anyone can do CrossFit because it’s scalable to any kind of athlete,” said Jones.


Warner CrossFit Athletes


The next competition will be in Ocala on December 3.

To join or gain more information about Warner’s CrossFit Club contact Jeff Meeks, Kevin Jones, or Daniel Jones.