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Eight Warner University Social Work students volunteered to assist in the From Poverty to Promise: A Simulation event in Bartow on Feb. 24.

“Our students had the opportunity to gain new skills, learn in a different environment, and interact with professionals in their field, as well as, with other community leaders,” said professor in Social Work at Warner University Jeff Bachelder.

Poverty to Promise 2

Polk Extension Director Nicole Walker working with student

From Poverty to Promise: A Simulation is a one-day event where participants experience, through a simulation, the life and challenges of a low-income person or family in Polk County.  The event drew over 130 participants from all over the county.

The goal of the experience is to provide an understanding of the poverty in Polk County and create an approach to alleviate poverty-related issues by either connecting city planners to healthcare professionals or social service agencies with for-profit companies.

Poverty to Promise