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Dr. William Washington is the Vice President for Student Life at Bethel University in Minneapolis, MN. He came down to Warner University, escaping the winter storms, to deliver a message to the students in last week’s two chapel services.

“God has these students’ destiny planned and He wants the best for them. I ask them to take the opportunities they have here at Warner and maximize them,” said Dr. Washington. “Our students in this generation are our future leaders who will be setting the tone for this country; having a faith-based education is paramount to that.”

Higher education was very influential in Dr. Washington’s life. He earned his bachelor’s degree in History at Trinity College, Master in Arts in Religion at Trinity Evangelic Divinity School, and his doctorate in Higher Education at Loyola University of Chicago. However, getting there wasn’t the easiest of paths.

Growing up, Dr. Washington didn’t have the best relationship with his parents or even the Lord. He was forced to attend a Christian college by his parents in hopes of smoothing out the rough edges he’d experienced in life.

After being kicked out after his first year, Dr. Washington felt the Lord speak to him. He was given a second chance at a higher education and really took advantage of that. With this sudden change in attitude having been acknowledged by the school, Dr. Washington was given opportunities that he knew one day he would want to pass along to other students.

Dr. William Washington

“I see the potential in students, even when they don’t see it themselves, and I like being a part of giving them chances to succeed in life because I was a beneficiary of that help,” said Dr. Washington.

Dr. Washington is a good friend of President Hoag since serving together at Trinity International University for six years.

“President Hoag is someone who will work tirelessly and commit himself to create a change that will enhance and benefit the students’ experiences,” Dr. Washington said.

“He wants to be around students and not many presidents in this day and age will genuinely have that as a priority; President Hoag will actually live that out. Warner has a great president who loves the Lord and is committed to doing it right.”

The Royals will definitely be seeing Dr. Washington again.

“Warner: just say when, and I will absolutely be back,” said Dr. Washington.