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Warner University hosted its first ever Clay Shoot on Friday, January 20. The WU Ag Studies students had a great afternoon with President Hoag as they spent some time bustin’ clays. With 300 acres at your fingertips, the Ag students were thrilled to get out of the classroom and relieve some stress.

President Hoag allowed a onetime event for Ag students to bring their shotguns to campus and join him in a 25-round shoot. Over 20 students participated and we even had some faculty, staff and administrators jump in for some fun!

Ag sophomore Keri Greenwood said about the event, “I loved that Dr. Hoag wanted to do something that the Ag kids enjoy. He took time out of his busy schedule to get to know us and have some fun.”

The shootout students each kept their own score and all students who shot 20 or higher in the first round advanced. The finals round came down to three shooters, with the winner Nelson Bethea getting bragging rights. This event was also a great time to bring in a perspective student to get to know the Ag family. The Ag faculty even took part in some fun with Dr. Crews shooting as well.

“PULL!” says President Hoag

Some tweets from the day included:

“WU’s president is awesome”

“1st ever President Sanctioned Skeet Shoot”

“Not too many Universities have Clay Shoots on Campus!”

“This was a great day to be a Royal!”