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Warren Hall has become a name to talk about at Warner University and throughout the Sun Conference over the last few years through his accomplishments on the basketball court.

Hall’s accomplishments as a junior consist of being the Warner men’s leading scorer with averaging 24 points per game, becoming the No. 1 leading scorer in the entire Sun Conference, scoring over 1,000 points in his college career, and being named Sun Conference Player of the Week several times.

Hall worked hard for what he has now. It wasn’t always the easiest of times growing up.

“Basketball was my outlet, when my childhood got rough,” said Hall.

Hall was born in Bradenton, Fl., but was raised in Tampa. As a kid, Hall didn’t always have the funds and finances needed, which forced his family to move around a lot.

Hall has a distant relationship with his mother and siblings. His father, though he spent much of Hall’s childhood working, is Hall’s role model in life.

“My father watches all my games online and he texts me after each one,” said Hall.

Hall’s journey to Warner was not a straight path. He was first committed to NCAA Division II team Lander University in South Carolina. A change of heart convinced him that Warner should be the team to play for.

Hall has grown since his freshman year at Warner.

“I feel like I used to take a lot of things for granted. I’ve seen how time really does fly, and I’ve learned to cherish things more,” Hall said.

Hall is striving to be player of the year for this season, and hopes to become a professional basketball player. He hopes to play a couple of years overseas then try his luck in the NBA and says that any team would be a privilege to play for.

If his basketball career ends in college, Hall has other plans prepared in mind. Majoring in Human Resources with a minor in Business Management, Hall wants to be a part of the recruiting process in a company, anything dealing with people.

“Warren is one of the hardest working guys I have ever met. He’s definitely not one to sleep the day away. He works for the school, goes to classes, works hard in practice, and stays after practice working in the weight room. Warren will succeed in whatever he sets his mind to,” said Warner Player Development Coach, Keevis Tukes.

Warner University head coach, Sean Hanrahan, is entering his ninth season with the Royals, coming from a highly credited background.

“What I’ve seen from Warren is his resilience, his patience, and his work ethic; the three areas that are very hard to teach. He ups his incredible points per game average every year. Where most people would begin to decline, he has excelled even further. That just proves who Warren is and what he means to this team,” said Hanrahan.

We’ll continue to watch Hall excel, both on and off the court.

Warren has officially been named The Sun Conference Player of the Year as of February 2016!