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Warner University welcomed Wheaton College’s Ministry Associate for Discipleship Ray Chang as he spoke at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) gathering on Monday, Feb. 6 and in Tuesday’s chapel on Feb. 7.

“I want to make sure the word of God is lifted up, and the students have a sense that they can engage with God through His word confidently without any concerns if they are experts or not because God meets you where you are,” said Chang.

At chapel, Chang had a clear message. Using Philippians, he spoke about what unity and community looks like and the secret to achieving it.

“As we look at the text in Philippians 2:1-11, we see that the example of Christ is humility, and unity is something that Christ established through His death and resurrection,” Chang said. “Because of this, all believers are united with Christ and united with each other.”

Ray Chang

Chang graduated from Wheaton in 2006 but before his return to the college nine years later, this time in a pastoral role, he worked with the Peace Corps in Panama as the Community Economic Development Volunteer for a year and a half, worked in for profit, start up work, non-profit, the tech industry, and traveled to over 35 countries.

“I had a sense of calling as a kid, but started wandering in my vocation and had forgotten my initial call in gospel ministry, so God did a number on me. I went to the seminary, served at a local church, and then the opportunity came to work at Wheaton.”

Chang came to speak at Warner through President Hoag. When he was getting his Master of Divinity degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, his wife, Jessica, worked for Hoag in Advancement right before he transitioned to his current position as President of Warner University.

“Warner couldn’t have chosen a better president,” said Chang. “When I look at his life, I feel like everything he has done prior was in preparation for his presidential role at Warner.”

After spending a couple of days on campus, Chang was able to get a feel for Warner and the students.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Warner,” said Chang. “In many of my interactions with the students, I could clearly see their desire to live into the call of God in their lives.”