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Warner University has chosen Lindsey McCabe (BA ’14) as the first ever “WU Alumni Spotlight”. Lindsey graduated from Warner University in the spring of 2014 with a degree in Physical Education. She played soccer at Warner all four years and says playing soccer in college “was instrumental in my life because it taught me how to be disciplined, organized, and a team player, which is crucial once you enter the working world.”

Lindsey McCabe teaching photo

A few weeks ago, the Highlands County School District held its Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teachers (ECET) Conference. Teachers evaluated as Highly Effective were invited to exchange ideas and success stories from their classrooms and teaching experiences. Lindsey was not only invited to attend because of her classification as a Highly Effective teacher, she was also selected as one of the speakers at the conference.

She and fellow Warner alumnus, Donald Ridgeway (BA ’02), dean at Lake Placid Middle, presented together. Their presentation topic was about making connections both in and out of the classroom. They titled their talk, “Reach Em Before You Teach Em.” Their presentation highlighted the educators who impacted them during their school years. They ended their presentation with suggestions for how teachers can make connections with students through developing immediate rapport and strategies to make the relationship last over the long term. Lindsay remarked, “It was an honor to speak at this conference in only my second year as a teacher!”

When asked if she had a favorite professor at Warner, Lindsey says, “I have a tie for my favorite professor. Dr. Rigel and Ms. Hutto both hold a special place in my heart and I will forever be grateful to them. The education program is not easy at Warner, but Dr. Rigel and Ms. Hutto were always there for me to help guide the way.”

She continues, “The classes they taught helped prepare me, as well as the extra time they took out of their day to help me study was something they did out of the kindness of their hearts. I still talk to them regularly and they continue to be there for me if I ever need them.”

We wish Lindsey the best as she continues to be a mentor for the younger generation of Highlands County!


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