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On Tuesday, January 12, Warner Instructor in Education Lori Hutto spoke to over 500 students and faculty at Bok Academy to kick off their disability awareness week.  The topic of Ms. Hutto’s presentation was “Be You:  Be Empowered” and she talked about moving ‘out of the box’ in our thinking about disability and about those who are different from us in general.

Lori Hutto presents

Ms. Hutto used examples of those who are successful – not in spite of their disability, but because of it. She discussed not letting our limitations define us by accepting and actively including those who are different than we are.

Ms. Hutto concluded the talk by tying in the Lake Wales motto “You are Your Brother’s Keeper”, as Bok Academy is part of the Lake Wales Charter Schools.  We’re sure all students and faculty in attendance were moved and able to see what Warner University sees in Lori Hutto: a dedicated woman who loves her Lord and those around her.