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Warner University is so proud of our accomplished faculty and staff. Here is just a glimpse at what they have achieved over the 2015 summer break.

Dr. Laurie Boulden, Teacher Education, published a novel, “Flood: A Wife for Shem”.

Dr. Lawrence Clark, Economics, is publishing his second book “Neat Economic Stuff” in August 2015. It is a compilation of 20 economic essays offering insight and information on a variety of economic topics.

Dr. John Paul Hill, History, graded AP (Advanced Placement) U.S. History exams in Louisville, Kentucky, in June.

Dr. Michael Sanders, Church Ministries, led a conference at the Church of God Youth Leadership Summit on the “Fruit of the Spirit – Faithfulness!”  Dr. Sanders also completed an online course through Northwind Institute on Spiritual Direction.

Mr. Scott Seslar, Accounting, continues to write tax column for a publication called the Washington Tax Update.

Dr. Norman White, Business, gave a presentation to Florida Regional Planning Councils Association on the Florida’s Sunshine Law.

Mrs. Lynn Johnson, Ms. Lori Hutto, Mrs. Dawn Meadows, Mrs. Kelly Mills, Mr. Scott Morgan, and Ms. Allison Weeter continue working in their doctoral programs.

Mr. Trevor Hall, Mr. Philip Maschke and Ms. Dara Phillips are beginning their doctoral programs.


Today is our faculty’s first day back at campus as they prepare for the students arrival in two weeks. We are excited to see what accomplishments will be achieved this Fall.