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Sophomore Cedco Severe is a Communication major on the WU Track and Field and Cross Country teams, and he also happens to be a youth motivational speaker.

Severe got into motivational speaking over a year ago when he was going through some tough, personal times in his life and started watching Eric Thomas motivational speeches on YouTube in order to pick himself up.

“The feeling that I got from watching him is what I wanted to do for everyone else,” said Severe.

As a young motivational speaker, Severe targets his speeches to people his age or younger, those he can relate to.

A self-proclaimed “Motivation Rockstar,” Severe’s goal is to get the audience energetic and ready to go, and to accomplish this, he jumps around and creates motivational anthems, anything vivacious.

“Cedco is always positive. He’s insanely hard working and passionate about what he does in both his motivational speaking and on the track,” said friend and teammate Ivan Montero. “He has a vision for what he wants to become and he’s doing everything he can to make it a reality, and he’s motivating people along the way.”

Severe has spoken at Valencia College in Orlando, FL. for their programs that require a keynote speaker, and even at an Orlando Courthouse.

“Connecting is my favorite part,” said Severe. “When you speak to someone, your words can go far. The power of speaking is amazing.”

Severe is scheduled to speak on the radio show “Man Up” in Orlando on June 10 to reach intercity kids who need motivation in their life.

To reach him and view some of his speeches or works, Severe’s Instagram page (@teamcdb) is all about motivation, and he loves interacting and helping his 13,000 followers.