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Former Dean and current professor of law at Trinity Law School at Santa Ana, California Myron Steeves paid a visit to Warner University on February 23 to speak at chapel on the importance of religious liberty and how it’s threatened today.

“We need to protect the liberty that we have, but in order to do this we have to be vigilant and see where it’s under attack,” said Steeves.

Myron Steeves

Before becoming an attorney, Steeves already had a hand in nonprofits working as a missionary to the Middle East.

“I was a missionary right after college, then I decided I wanted to pursue the administrative side more than the ministry side, so I went to law school with the thought that I would provide legal services to churches and other ministries afterwards,” Steeves said.

Steeves practiced law as a litigator for 18 years, and then took on the nonprofit work full time. His firm of over 30 years, Church Law Center of California, serves nonprofit organizations, religious organizations, and churches through offering sound legal guidance from a faith-based perspective.

Speaking in Warner chapel on Feb. 23

“It’s a great area of practice because there’s a need for legal work for churches,” said Steeves.

With both having worked at Trinity International University, Steeves knew President Hoag since 2009 and wasn’t shocked when he heard the news about the new presidential position.

“He had the skills to be a university president for a long time,” said Steeves. “I knew it would happen someday.”