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by student James Feehan






On the Warner University campus, the Academic Skills Center (ASC) is a place for students to receive free tutoring on campus and do their homework. Tutoring consists of one on one sessions with guidance from a tutor specializing in that subject, as well as peer reviews for papers. The ASC also assists students with special circumstances in test taking and other aspects of education.

The ASC started back in the fall of 1991 and has since expanded to three different areas on campus. Mrs. Kelly Morgan who has been with the ASC since 2015, is the current Director of the ASC and Disability Services and thoroughly enjoys her role.

Mrs. Kelly Morgan

Before the ASC, Mrs Morgan had experience working in exceptional student education at elementary schools up in New York. A favorite of students, she is known for her warm attitude and effective management of the ASC.

“I loved school,” Mrs. Morgan remembers, “but a family member of mine struggled a lot with their coursework…so I wanted to help them with their struggle..” By high school, she knew what she wanted to do – not just be involved in education, but help support students.

Not only does the ASC help students with their academic studies, but it also benefits the students tutoring as it offers them the chance for work study and help pay off tuition. It is clear to see how the ASC is a huge help to students. Frederick Lopez, a sophomore at Warner, said:

“It’s great that you can make appointments to suit you and your schedule, plus it’s free.”

Mrs Morgan states that “the best thing about the ASC is that it is a service provided by students, for students. Within this, the ASC carries out Warner University’s mission statement in being ‘prepared to lead, and committed to serve’.

The marker board that was doodled upon all of the fall semester in the ASC