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Dear Supporters,

As students majoring in Business, we want to commit our lives to doing business God’s way in any part of the world. On March 24-31, 2018 during Spring Break, we have the opportunity to take part in a Business Mission Trip to Costa Rica organized by Warner University’s Business Department.

While in Costa Rica, we will be engaging in: practical business experiences, participating in church services, and serving in children and youth centers.  We’re excited for this opportunity and the impact that we will make, as well as in our own faith development. We trust that God will use this time in a different country to open our eyes to His Christ-like love, strengthen my faith in His ability to provide, and speak to us about His purpose for my life.

As you can imagine, preparation for a trip like this requires a lot of support from a number of people who are working to ensure this trip will have an impact in our lives and the lives of those we will be serving. We are looking for people who will partner with us in two ways:

  1. Sponsors – People, like you, who are willing to invest financially in our learning and ministry. Our total need is $9,000 in order to participate in this mission to Costa Rica. Please click here to make a donation.
  2. Prayer Partners – This is perhaps the most important need that we have, because we understand that nothing worthwhile will happen if God does not lead and empower us. We need a strong network of people committed to pray for our team as we prepare, and while we are away.

Maybe you haven’t thought of yourself as part of a missions team. However, you can be part of our team through prayer and financial support. If you choose to provide us with financial support, please click here to make a donation.

  • If you make your check payable to “Warner University”, it will be tax-deductible.
  • All gifts go to the expenses of the entire group traveling on the trip, not one particular student.

We do appreciate your consideration in supporting our effort to learn and serve.  Should God lay it on your heart to support us, we would be extremely grateful.

In Christ,

Alexander Lazo
Samuel Zink
Kevin Lins
Kyle Safreed
Thalia Mendez
Devyn Hencil
Madison Mihok
Marlique Hield
Lucas Munoz
(WU Students)
Dr. Verna Omanwa, Associate Professor


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