Are you serving in full-time ministry and would like to begin or finish your degree? Do you have a desire to serve more effectively in the local church? Warner University’s online Christian Ministry degree will work within your busy schedule. This entirely online degree takes the academic rigor and instructional excellence of Warner’s campus-based ministry program and packages it into an online format.

The Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Christian Ministry is designed for working adults and to prepare men and women for faithful Christian ministry in the local church, in non-profit missions’ outreach, or in community-based ministry.


Program Mission and Outcomes


Warner University is committed to guiding individuals toward Christ-like character and intellectual maturity who are equipped to serve.

Students pursuing the Associate of Science degree will meet the following five outcomes which coordinate with Warner University’s mission to provide academic excellence and a Christian learning environment.

  1. Identify and clarify their ministry calling.
  2. Give evidence of a general understanding of ministry.
  3. Have basic knowledge of the contents of the Old Testament.
  4. Have basic knowledge of the contents of the New Testament.
  5. Identify multiple ministry locations.

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree will meet the following five outcomes which coordinate with Warner University’s mission to provide academic excellence and a Christian learning environment.

  1. Give evidence of skill in accurately interpreting Scripture.
  2. Participate in basic spiritual formation practices.
  3. Define a call to ministry.
  4. Gain specific knowledge of at least two books of the Bible.
  5. Articulate at least two ministry skills.


Program Highlights

  • Designed to work around your career
  • Completely online
  • Two courses every 8 weeks
  • Accelerated degree completion program
  • Financial assistance and tuition scholarships available

Admission Requirements


Freshman Admission Requirements:

Applicants must meet at least two of the three criteria to be admitted.

  1. Graduation from high school with academic rank in the upper half of their graduating class
  2. A high school grade point average of 2.25 or higher
  3. A composite score on the ACT of 18 or combined SAT I score of 940

Transfer Student Admission Requirements 

(24 or more hours.  Those with fewer than 24 hours are subject to Freshman Admission Requirements)

Must be in good academic and have at least a GPA of 2.0 or higher


Admission Process:

  • Complete an  Application and pay the appropriate application fee.
  • Submit official transcripts from each college or university you have attended, if applicable, or supply a high school or GED transcript if there are no transferable college or university credits.
  • Applicants not meeting admissions requirements may appeal to the Admitting and Registration Committee


The Associate of Science in Church Ministry consists of 60 cred hours of coursework:  18 credit hours of general education courses, 22 credit hours of church ministry and Biblical studies courses, and 21 credit hours of electives.  ENG 1020 is a required prerequisite.


The required Associate of Science in Church Ministry courses  (27-credit hours) are:

UNV 2010 Online Church Ministry Student Seminar 1
BST 2010 Understanding the Old Testament 3
BST 2010/2020/2040/2070 Biblical Literature 3
TST 2000 Foundations in Christian Theology 3
CHM 2000 Introduction to Church Ministry 3
CHM 2022 Introduction to Worship 3
CED 2020 Discipleship Ministries in the Local Church 3
CED 2012 Spiritual Formation 3




The required Bachelor of Science in Church Ministry courses  (36 – credit hours) are:

BST 3xxx Any upper-division Biblical Commentary 3
BST 3080 Interpretation for Teaching and Communicating 3
BST 3050 Teaching for Transformation 3
CHM 3010 Perspective in Christian Misions 3
CHM 3012 Communicating the Gospel 3
CHM 3030 Evangelism 3
CED 3042 Pastoral Care 3
CED 4032 Congregational Leadership and Polity 3
CHM 4001 Servant Leadership I 1
CHM 4002 Servant Leadership II 1
CHM 4003 Servant Leadership III 1
TST 3051 Principles of Christian Theology 3
TST 4095 Integrative Seminar in Ministry Leadership 3
Elective Any Upper-division elective in Ministry or Bible 3