English majors will survey British and American literature, focus on particular British and American writers, examine Anglophone literature from other countries, dive into advanced English grammar, advance personal writing skills, and review the history of the English language. Graduates are prepared for a variety of careers and advanced studies that require analytical reading and writing skills, such as journalism, advertising, and social media. (Note: Students interested in teaching English for public schools should major in Secondary Education: English 6-12. See the Teacher Education section for additional information.)

Major Mission and Outcomes

The mission of the English major is to promote learning in language, composition, literature, critical theory, and professional and creative writing. The major promotes the development of life-long skills in critical thinking, reading, writing, and research; embraces diversity; and fosters an environment of open inquiry and innovation.

Students majoring in English will meet the following five outcomes which coordinate with Warner University’s mission to provide academic excellence.

  1. Examine how works of literature are related to their historical, cultural, and religious contexts.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of major literary periods and authors in British, American, and World literature.
  3. Demonstrate the oral and written ability to comprehend, analyze, and interpret a variety of texts.
  4. Incorporate scholarly secondary sources into their critique or argument of a piece of literature.
  5. Compete favorably with peers for employment and further education.

Major in English

The English program consists of 39 credit hours of coursework: 15 credit hours of required coursework in English, 9 credit hours in the communication core, and 15 credit hours of English electives. A minor is required.

Core Courses:

Prefix Course Hrs.
COM 2020 Media Literacy 3
COM 3063 Communication Elements and Theories 3
COM 4061 Career Planning 1
COM 4095 Seminar in Communication 2

Required Coursework:

Prefix Course Hrs.
ENG 2020 World Literature: Beginnings to 1650 or 3
ENG 2021 World Literature: 1650 to Contemporary 3
ENG 2030 British Literature: Medieval to 1785 3
ENG 2032 British Literature: 1785 to Contemporary 3
ENG 2040 American Literature: Beginnings to 1865 3
ENG 2041 American Literature: 1865 to Contemporary 3

Fifteen upper-division credit hours from:

Prefix Course Hrs.
ENG 3023 Creative Writing 3
ENG 3034 Women in Literature 3
ENG 3050 Contemporary Literature 3
ENG 3054 Shakespeare 3
ENG 3070 Advanced Composition and Grammar 3
ENG 4010 The American Novel 3
ENG 4050 Special Topics 3
ENG 4060 History of English Language 3
COM 3/4xxx Communication Elective 3

Students choosing a History major will be well-equipped for a career in many fields, including research, writing, publishing, information management, library science, public relations, politics, and education. History majors will also be ready to continue on to liberal arts graduate studies or law school.

Major Mission and Outcomes

The mission of the History major is to prepare students for graduate programs in the liberal arts and other specialized professions, to prepare students for careers in the historical profession and related fields (e.g. teaching) and to aid students in mastering the General Education outcomes.

Students majoring in History will meet the following three outcomes which coordinate with Warner University’s mission to provide academic excellence.

  1. Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of the following:

Historical periods as defined by distinct external trends and internal commonalities; the application of evidence and critical analysis to discern the process of change over time as applied to distinct societies or geographic regions; and specified historical subjects, as offered in the major’s curriculum.

  1. Research and write proficiently.
  2. Compete favorably with peers for employment and education.

Major in History

The major in History consists of 36 credit hours of coursework. This major is an option for students who wish to take a liberal arts major that will prepare them for professional occupations such as law. A minor in another subject is required.

The required Content Foundation courses are:

Prefix Course Hrs.
HIS 1011 Early World History 3
HIS 1012 Modern World History 3
HIS 1030 Early United States History 3
HIS 1040 Modern United States History 3

The required courses in Methods, Cultural, Social, and Political Approaches (listed respectively) are:

Prefix Course Hrs.
HIS 3016 History of Christianity 3
HIS 3026 African American History 3
HIS 4054 Historiography 3
HIS 4020 History of American Government & Political Thought 3

The required Advanced Content courses are:

Prefix Course Hrs.
HIS 3003 Modern European History 3
HIS 3020 U.S. History: 1914-1945 3
HIS 3024 Florida History 3
HIS 3045 Topics in American History 3