Marine Technology

The intent of the Marine Technology program is to prepare individuals for entry-level technician opportunities in the water craft industry.

As a student, you may pursue two courses of action. If your interest is to be certified in several marine technology areas, the Certificate program may be for you. If you prefer the same experience as the certificate program, but wish to have a two-year degree once finished, you may choose the second option of earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Marine Technology.

Either way, those in this program will not only become prepared to perform routine maintenance but will also learn to effectively and efficiently diagnose mechanical, electrical and electronic problems.

Experiences in this program will take the student from product assembly to hull and vehicle identification to propulsion and fuel and lubrication systems to electrical and electronic systems to service training and customer care.

This program is designed so that whoever enters, they will be ready to be gainfully employed in some aspect of the marine technology environment upon completion.

Program Mission and Outcomes

The mission of the Marine Technology program is to provide vocational training for individuals interested working in watercraft and marine technology.

Students studying Marine Technology will meet the following four outcomes which coordinate with Warner University’s mission to provide academic excellence.

  1. The learner will demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of watercraft and marine technology.
  2. The learner will perform skill development exercises respective to course content.
  3. The learner will determine appropriate avenues from which to gather knowledge from outside resources and apply it to content knowledge and skill development.
  4. The learner will demonstrate extensive knowledge of daily operations of marinas and watercraft dealerships.

Program Options:

  • Certificate in Marine Technology
    Associate of Applied Science degree in Marine Technology
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid Available

For More Information: or 863.638.7212