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Spiritual Life

At Warner University, we want you to own your faith by growing as a committed follower of Christ. We’re not talking about going through the motions; this is a caring community designed to bring passion to your calling. You’re surrounded by professors and classmates who are ready to grow!

The Spiritual Life programming works as a scaffolding to help you grow. The events and groups challenge you to push further and to act on what you’re learning. This truly is love in action.


Every fall and spring semester, we set aside one week for some “spiritual boot camp.” It’s a week that truly helps you focus on how you’re growing as a Christian. You’ll have the chance to engage with visiting speakers during Chapel and also in other special events.


To grow, you’ll need to keep your focus on the Bible and apply what it says to your life. You’ll find small group studies and prayer sessions either organized or encouraged by resident directors, resident assistants, and other student leaders.


Take charge of your spiritual development by getting plugged into the various ongoing opportunities sponsored by the Spiritual Life Committee of the Student Government Association (S.G.A.).


At Warner, Chapel serves as one of the “pillars” of your spiritual development and meets every Tuesday and Thursday at South Lake Wales Church of God. The university community gathers to worship, challenge, encourage and equip.

Purpose Statement

Chapel at Warner serves several vital purposes:

  1. to celebrate and build community
  2. to present the claims of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as recorded in Holy Scripture
  3. to inspire worship and praise that glorifies God
  4. to promote faith development and Christian maturity
  5. to examine current issues from a Christian perspective and worldview


Chapel constitutes one of the core parts of your growth and experience at Warner. That’s why you’re expected to attend every Tuesday and Thursday at the South Lake Wales Church of God. Students are required to earn 21 spiritual growth credits per semester through both Chapel experiences and other spiritual development opportunities.

Chapel Etiquette

We want to make sure that Chapel is an orderly and worshipful experience for everyone. Really, that just means respecting those in the community. To make sure everything goes smoothly, we ask all students to keep some key principles in mind:

  • Reverence – We’re gathered to worship the Sovereign God of the Universe! Keep that in mind and maintain honor and respect for the One we worship in all that we do.
  • Respect – At Warner, you’ll worship together with people from a wide variety of church backgrounds with many perspectives. So, show respect for those who are leading, even if it’s not your worship preference. Respond to the leader’s requests, such as standing to worship, being quiet to pray, etc. Don’t talk with your neighbors during singing and when the speaker is speaking. Also, please refrain from getting up to go to the restroom while the speaker is addressing the audience. If you have to leave temporarily, then please wait in the back until the speaker is finished.
  • Attention – You’ll get much more out of the experience if you’re really into it. Put away your electronic devices (that means your cellphone, iPods, tablets, etc.). Chapel is not the place to do homework or catch up on your reading. And learning from God’s Word is good stuff, so sleep’s not an option. Please sit up and pay attention to the message God has for us individually and as a community.
  • Proper Attire – The point of attention should be on God…not your clothes. So, dress appropriately. Provocative dress has no place on campus, much less in Chapel. Short shorts, skirts, dresses, and revealing tops are out. Don’t slap on your athletic wear, and remove your hat upon entering Chapel.
  • No Food or Drinks – We love snacks as much as you do, but out of reverence and respect, please discard all food and drinks before attending Chapel.