Dear Non-Traditional Students/Online Students,

The administrators at Warner are working diligently to communicate with the constituents of the University in the face of Hurricane Dorian. For Non-Traditional students in online courses, we do not anticipate the need to change schedules at this time. But we are also wanting to be sensitive to personal needs. The best suggestion at this time is to communicate with your instructors. Make sure they know your situations and are aware of any special needs you might have.


Once the storm passes, you may find yourselves unable to connect to the online platform. Do not become anxious, as you will not be alone. Many contingency plans are being considered to find the best methods for helping you regain contact and momentum. Please know that you will be accommodated should extenuating circumstances prevent you from getting back into the course when anticipated. Again, if and when possible, contact your instructors and let them know of your situations. 


First and foremost, your safety is of primary concern. Take whatever steps you deem necessary to provide for your safety and well-being during and after the storm. We, at Warner, will do our best to keep you informed and connected during these next few days. And please, do what you can to let us know if you are in need. We are a community and we care about you and your situations.