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At Warner, our social work students are required to spend a minimum of 400 hours at an internship.  Through this, students are able to go into the world of social work and explore the different opportunities that are available for them.

Morgan Newhart is a Dependency Case Manager intern at the Children’s Home Society of Florida. The Children’s Home Society offers an array of services, from fostering/adoption to counseling and child welfare.


Morgan represented not only herself well, but highlighted the skills taught at Warner throughout her internship,” says Dr. April Steen, social work professor. “She was able to impact the lives of children directly through mentoring and advocacy activities. For example, she helped create empowering relationships with children, serving as a positive example for future relationships and promote attitudes that foster a positive future outlook. Every time I visited the agency I was met with glowing compliments of Morgan’s performance and her willingness to go the extra mile. She was provided a diverse experience which built her confidence as a future professional social worker.