If you were to walk into the Warner University bookstore on an average day you would see Monica Hamilton working with a smile on her face. You would notice how polite and friendly she is, but you may not realize just how much she has done for some of the students here at Warner. Monica has worked for over 18 years in both the cafeteria and the book store. During this time she has employed over 200 students.


Many students have noted how Miss Monica helped them during their time at college and when asked what brought Miss Monica to help these students, she replied, “I saw these students, many of whom were international, at a loss of American ways and traditions, so I hired as many as I could. I tried to be hospitable, and I could not have asked for better kids.”

It is clear to see the impact Monica has had on these students, with many of these students, who are also athletes at the school, asking her to walk them out on the field for senior night. Monica mentioned that this ‘warms her heart’ when she is given this responsibility.

Miss Monica has adopted a motherly role at the school with many students finding comfort in talking to her, and managing to find work study employment thanks to her.

She added, “Watching them grow over four years, money can’t take that place.”

That is one of the great benefits of being a part of a smaller Christian school, the tight knit feeling on campus; this community feeling.

A huge supporter of the men’s soccer team, Monica always makes her voice heard at the local annual Warner vs Webber game. This year she cheered the team on to a 3-2 victory, all while sporting a banner in support. When asked whether she will be watching Warner beat Webber next year she replied with a very enthusiastic, “Oh heck yeah!”.