When we have the chance to spotlight our hard working WU students we take it!

The names below are the students who made the Summer 2019 Dean’s List. 

These students pursued excellence and achieved it with flying colors.

Alicia Barrett 
Keith Caratsole 
Michael Castillo 
Jeremy Cliett 
Catherine Coconato 
Heather Coulter 
Jasmine Cuyler 
Erika De Las Cruz Camarillo 
Kate Early 
Jonathan Farrands 
Teresa Gill 
Christina Geopferich 
Caitlin Grant 
Akia Harris 
Keana Hernandez
Angelica Jimenez Rosario
Debbie Lambert
Jonathan Mckinny 
Kailienne Newberry 
Amber Parker 
Deanna Perez
Kelly Powers 
Alexandra Ramos 
Alicia Randle 
Cristy Rollins 
Marsha Starzetski
Sebastian Stolfa III
Katina Stoudemire
Dennis Watkins 
Stacia Watters 
Ruthie Williams 
Kateishia Wright

We are proud to have these students here at Warner University!

A big congratulations to each of you!